Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This holiday season I am more excited than ever for all of the festivities and preparing for them!  I attribute this to: 1) not approaching finals, as I was at this time the last five years and 2) having the newlywed feeling of 'setting up home' and the desire for our apartment to look festive.  Growing up we often got our Christmas tree close to Christmas, this was in part due to the fact that the last few years my parents would wait until my brother and I got home before getting our tree.  I was in the Nutcracker many times, and the notion of decking out the tree Christmas Eve seemed especially romantic to me.  And although we never waited that long, it did seem tempting.  This year I want to set up for the holidays early!  You may say I am getting ahead of myself.  Thanksgiving dinner has yet to be served!  I am just excited for it to be winter and a time to celebrate with people you love. 

I was affected by my cousin Mrs. Potter's blog post on being thankful.  Today is really a time to reflect and thank God for all that He has provided for us.  This season I want to relish the time.  I am excited about making crafts, decorating our apartment, going Christmas shopping and I will be careful not to get too wrapped up in all of the material things I want and just really enjoy this special season.

Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful first thanksgiving married. love you! i'm off to make cranberry sauce now