Monday, January 25, 2010

A Day in the Life of the New Rennasiance

I started adding color to my painting last class!  It was so exciting.  Cliff, just having his mouse infusion was back to his cheery joking self and everyone seemed to be in good spirits because of this.  Carol had found some peace as she explained she had "put her sister in the freezer" a technique administered in hope of her sister chilling out, and the usual drama continued.  Menopausal womens' chit chat aside, I think my painting really is coming along quite nicely.  Even with the first glaze of color, the painting appeared to have greater depth.  In following the Carracci
Tradition, I first painted a black and white underpainting and then will be adding thin color glazes until the painting is completed in full color.  The master's were right in essentially painting their subjects twice.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Things of the New Year

-New Determination
Chinese fortune cookie fortunes, I will pay no attention to you!  You think producing nagging fortunes in this economy helps?

-New Direction
Architecture.  It is time to renew my focus to become involved in the field of architecture.  It took me a tempting but ultimately unwanted job interview (not in my field) to redirect my focus.  Since then, I have followed up with the firms I have applied to and I have suggested a volunteer opportunity at one of the offices.

-New Leggings
OK.  Probably not life changing but ohh so comfortable and stylish.

I have been a bit behind on my blogging lately but I wanted to say the other weekend was wonderful.  We spent Saturday with Laura and Chris.  Laura and I went shopping downtown hence the legging acquisition, while the men had fun with toy helicopters and firearms.  We didn't hesitate about boosting the economy that day.  It was most fun just spending time with them, they are great friends and an inspiration to me.  Laura and I cooked Indian together, I must say we (at least I)  have greatly improved in our cooking skills since we were college roommates.  It has been a good start to 2010.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We sure did!  Mr. Johnson and I went to his home town, Wallowa, for Christmas.  It was good and busy; baby, dogs, family and food!   Crab for Christmas Eve was delicious.  My present from Mr. Johnson is awesome, I am including a picture because just telling you that I got  a magazine rack for Christmas doesn't quite do it justice.  And I am definitely enjoying re-reading Harry Potter with my new collection.  The day after Christmas, Mr. Johnson and I went up to find snow at Salt Creek Summit.  It was a beautiful day and the snow had formed jagged crystals like I had never seen before.  The ground looked like it was covered in shattered glass!  We had a great holiday, and I guess it is now time to live it up in the next decade!