Friday, March 19, 2010

Tea Time

Mmm banana bread and Irish Breakfast tea.  Nothing is better than a pot of Irish Breakfast, more flavorful and all together more delicious than its English counterpart, served with my classic Fiesta Ware.  I don't often follow in the British ways of enjoying an afternoon tea, but my overly ripe bananas were calling me and so I whipped up a little chocolate chip banana bread.  What a treat for Mr. Johnson and I.

Happy Friday for everyone!  I am off to a girls weekend in Seattle, all of us haven't been together in the same spot since high school so this should be a blast.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Day Back in Architecture

Yesterday was my first day back in architecture!  I have begun volunteering at a small firm here in bridgetown.  I really like the work that architecture w produces and I think it will be a fun school studio-like environment to be involved in.  I am also interested in architecture w's artistic exploration within the design process, they have made beautiful abstract paintings and built plaster cast models that diagram and depict the architecture.  The project I will be working on is a design competition for the Kuwaiti embassy in Tokyo.  I am excited for this opportunity and all that will come out of it.

Check out the website of architecture w.  And in case you were wondering what I wore on my first day, here is a picture of me!


Monday, March 8, 2010

Discovered Pleasures

Yoga has taken me by surprise.  It is the real deal!  Usually I am suspicious of exercise activities that are within the general dance family and are not ballet.  After years of training in ballet, most of the time loving it and sometimes becoming quite frustrated by its rigor, I have realized the discipline, grace and athleticism that ballet requires is exceptional.  This being said, I was quite happy when I enjoyed the first yoga practice I had ever attended.  It was a physical challenge and I felt it in my upper body the next day! It really is relaxing, during the quiet stretching times I have a chance to let go of my busy thoughts or pray.  I know many people have already jumped on the yoga bandwagon and I am glad to report that I have too.