Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apartment Tour Sneak Peak

Since we have moved to Seattle, not everyone has seen our lovely place so its time for a tour. First off, I really love our new place. It is definitely the smallest place I have ever lived but I think that is partially what has made it so nice. We were forced to throw out much of our junk and even some of the not junky (but not amazing) things I would have otherwise held on to. It has hardwood floors, nice newly refinished hardwoods, check! The other big thing on the list was that the apartment would be bright. As we have been moving up the I-5 corridor there is gradually less and less sun so the more sun that comes in our windows the better! We are on the third and top floor and now when the leaves are off the trees we have a little view of the lake too.

I know it is a little difficult to showcase different "rooms" of a home over the space of several blog posts when you live in a studio. But I am doing my best to just give you just a sneak peak so that I can go into a little more detail on some of the fun new furnishings in the next installments. I have had a super fun time getting our place to reflect or personalities and so I am excited to share.

Date Night

Tuesday night is our cheap and fun night out. I have a three hour night class every Tuesday. Really the class would probably be a little easier to digest if it was split up into two days a week of staring at a computer but... anyways, I can look forwards to a pretty rock'n hamburger with my husband on the way home. Kidd Valley is one of the local fast food chains. And while fastfood on road trips is just fine, otherwise I am not usually too excited about the prospect, but this is different. I get the cheeseburger, Mr. Johnson gets the fish sandwich, and we split fries and a shake (usually strawberry) the food is fresh, sandwiches are big and tasty this is no joke! Its all about enjoying the little things in life! What are your fun silly things you do?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Fun

So here is a little Fashion Friday for you. I have been seeming to be surfing the web more than usual this morning and so I thought I would share. I know this trend is not new, but I am a fan. Last time I walked through Nordstrom (that is usually what I do- quickly walk through the first floor to a barrage of fragrances and swoon at the shoe department- there is no stopping or looking at price tags) I was greeted by so many platform pumps. So have a look. Fortunately these are not too spendy. They are so fun and might even look good with my fushia silk mini skirt from J.Crew.
Steve Madden "Caryssa"
GUESS "Rapine"Steven by Steve Madden "Mercy"

This is not my skirt- it is no longer on their website. But this skirt is pretty awesome too- and it soft of gives you the idea. This is yystudio at Etsy by the way- Etsy is so cool!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

This is what I saw when I walked in the door after coming back from class this afternoon. Look at those beautiful flowers! It seems so springy in here. There was also a Cadbury chocolate bar on the coffee table- which I have taken several bites out of now.

I am looking forwards to this evening, we are going out to dinner. Somewhere... that is all I have been told. But I do know that we are going to get pie after dinner. Which is actually a pretty big deal, pie is apparently now all of the rage in Seattle. Out with the cupcakes in with the pie. Mr. Johnson and I have never forgotten the delicious all American desert but I guess it is now hip too!

Happy Valentines everyone!