Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pink Cake!

The last day of last month was my birthday. Happy belated birthday! I decided to share with you the awesome pink cake I made for myself. I know you are not supposed to bake your own birthday cake, but this desert had my eye for some time and I was waiting for a worthy occasion to try it out. It did not disappoint! We had people over to our place for a small party and my parents were able to come, which was special.

This was a strawberry cake with real sliced strawberries mixed in. And I thought I did a pretty awesome job icing it. This was the first layered cake that I have made, you know- actual special occasion cake, that was both pretty and delicious. The recipe came from this fun to read blog. Happy end of July!

Urban Otter

Last night was a super beautiful northwest evening. The husband and I decided to take a walk at Gasworks Park just at sunset. It was like the whole city was out there and all looking at the water and lights. More awesome yet, we spotted an otter! more species of the west seen in the wild! Well as wild as it gets - this was a pretty civil otter living its life spying on houseboats. Next on the list moose and giant pacific octopus. I may be searching for a while.

I was wishing I had brought my camera with me, but instead here is a nice aerial shot.