Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's March

It's March already, and a new month means a new picture on my etsy calendar. I have liked etsy for a while but had never actually bought anything from it until it was time to get a new calendar. I had seen Decor8 and other blogs doing "calender round-ups" of cool artistic calenders. And thinking back to my husband's face the previous year when - apparently a little late in the calender rush- I told him the options are the crazy cat calender or the twelve faces (and abs) of Edward Cullen, etsy sounded like a good idea.

I feel like the winter has been going fast, winter term has been going much smoother than my first term of grad school. Classes seem calmer and I have had a chance to really look into the idea I want to peruse for my thesis project next year (and possibly a business after that)! I am super happy life has took us to Seattle and me to get my Masters. Its not a breeze, but the things my eyes have been opened to is totally worth it.