Sunday, February 20, 2011

Apartment Tour Sneak Peak

Since we have moved to Seattle, not everyone has seen our lovely place so its time for a tour. First off, I really love our new place. It is definitely the smallest place I have ever lived but I think that is partially what has made it so nice. We were forced to throw out much of our junk and even some of the not junky (but not amazing) things I would have otherwise held on to. It has hardwood floors, nice newly refinished hardwoods, check! The other big thing on the list was that the apartment would be bright. As we have been moving up the I-5 corridor there is gradually less and less sun so the more sun that comes in our windows the better! We are on the third and top floor and now when the leaves are off the trees we have a little view of the lake too.

I know it is a little difficult to showcase different "rooms" of a home over the space of several blog posts when you live in a studio. But I am doing my best to just give you just a sneak peak so that I can go into a little more detail on some of the fun new furnishings in the next installments. I have had a super fun time getting our place to reflect or personalities and so I am excited to share.

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