Sunday, February 20, 2011

Date Night

Tuesday night is our cheap and fun night out. I have a three hour night class every Tuesday. Really the class would probably be a little easier to digest if it was split up into two days a week of staring at a computer but... anyways, I can look forwards to a pretty rock'n hamburger with my husband on the way home. Kidd Valley is one of the local fast food chains. And while fastfood on road trips is just fine, otherwise I am not usually too excited about the prospect, but this is different. I get the cheeseburger, Mr. Johnson gets the fish sandwich, and we split fries and a shake (usually strawberry) the food is fresh, sandwiches are big and tasty this is no joke! Its all about enjoying the little things in life! What are your fun silly things you do?

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  1. oh we love cheap date food. there is of course el taco express and Hong Kong our favorite go to chinese take out. but lately we have been loving a chinese place on lower river road called twin dragons and there is a hole in the wall taco place just a few blocks from our new house we are dying to try.