Monday, January 25, 2010

A Day in the Life of the New Rennasiance

I started adding color to my painting last class!  It was so exciting.  Cliff, just having his mouse infusion was back to his cheery joking self and everyone seemed to be in good spirits because of this.  Carol had found some peace as she explained she had "put her sister in the freezer" a technique administered in hope of her sister chilling out, and the usual drama continued.  Menopausal womens' chit chat aside, I think my painting really is coming along quite nicely.  Even with the first glaze of color, the painting appeared to have greater depth.  In following the Carracci
Tradition, I first painted a black and white underpainting and then will be adding thin color glazes until the painting is completed in full color.  The master's were right in essentially painting their subjects twice.


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