Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunshine and Patios

I am welcoming myself back to blogging.  In my hiatus I have tripled my official blog followers, awesome!  I am loving the sunshine.  This weekend Mr. Johnson and I took advantage of the glimpse of spring and went on a couple of long walks along some of our favorite streets.  We discovered a great restaurant/bar that has an amazing patio.  The patio spans two levels, on grade a propane fire pit forms the center of the space and above there is a roof patio that looks onto the lower patio, the street, and the prettiest church in Portland.  We sat upstairs and dreamed up ways to build a fire pit in our own patio.

The fire pit at Radio Room is hidden by the throngs of people in this
summertime photo.

Another wonderful patio atop the downtown Macy's at Departure.  
I want to work for the firm that designed this bar! 

Next time I will get a shot of the enclosed garden patio at Holeman's.  
Apparently it is so much a hidden gem that there are only decent photos of the front!

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  1. Fun times! I noticed your mom is a follower! Does she have a blog? If she does I would totally read it! My Mom reads my blog everyday. And if I haven't blogged in a few days she will call me to inform me of this fact.