Friday, November 6, 2009

Pizza Night

I had fun making some very delicious pizza for dinner.  Growing up, for a while Mom would make pizza every Friday night.  She would make Italian bread and use part of the dough for pizza dough.  She would also make the sauce, which I actually made several times, and then we all would have fun deciding which toppings to dress our pizzas in.  We got pretty creative.

Since being married I have made bread several times, but this was the first time to make pizza.  I took some time in deciding the topping combination and I think it paid off!  I made one pizza margherita with Greek olives to add an original touch; it helps living in the city where you can buy fresh mozzarella.  The other pizza was more American in style, it had a generous helping of red onions, some roasted red peppers, and half Italian sausage, half mushroom.  Mr. Johnson admitted this was the best homemade pizza he has eaten, and better than Ken's Artisan Pizza (our favorite here in Portland) and rivals with the pizza we ate for my birthday in Naples! 


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  1. It looks like perfect pizza! We are going to have pizza tonight but not me, i will have my wonderful kung pao chicken leftovers--yum!