Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mr. Johnson's Birthday

Yesterday was Mr. Johnson's birthday. Wooo hoo the big 24!  And we ate sooo much crab to celebrate.  We went to dinner downtown at Todai, an all you can eat seafood buffet where you can eat for free on your birthday.  Fortunately we avoided the singing.  This restaurant has come to its senses and realized the only people excited to have "Happy Birthday" sung to them by the wait staff are kids.  I had never eaten snow crab before but I am now hooked.  Snow crab on ice served with a little cocktail sauce, mmm mmm.  They also had hot dungeness crab and lots of shrimp.  It was a very seafood birthday weekend, on Saturday his sister made a wonderful bouillabaisse.  I hope you had a great birthday Nick!

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