Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crafting Martha Stewart Style

With Christmas approaching, I am excited.  Excited about the general season and about making our apartment look festive.  I took on a craft.  Cinnamon bird ornaments.  I made a dough that resembles gingerbread cookie dough in the consistancy and the aroma, but it is much more durable with the additive of glue.  I guess it helps having the architecture student's proficiency with the x-acto knife (and the abundent stash of tacky glue in the hall closet) because cutting out these birds to the level of detail Martha indicated was a sinch.  Decorating with glitter followed.  They turned out beautiful!  The awesome part was I didn't do this all on my own.  I prepped the dough, and decorated several to fill my tree, but I also organized the craft for the girls to do at Thanksgiving.  I was really excited when my aunt suggested I bring the supplies and set up the craft so my grandma, other aunts and cousins could decorate their own cinnamon birds after Thanksgiving dinner.  It was great, everyone really got into it.  I had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving and I felt like I contributed to the fun.


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