Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Salt and Pepper My Mango

Mr. Johnson and I invented a new drink.  We called the M.I.A. inspired drink Salt and Pepper My Mango.  While it is a compilation of everything tropical we imagined M.I.A. to drink, its name originates from the line in the song Sunshowers.  And yes, it does have salt and pepper.  First we were after recreating the Rubicon, it just sounds so delicious when she sings "I was sippin' on a Rubicon, thinkin' 'bout where I come..." After further research we realized that the name Rubicon is already in use.  It is a tropical fruit drink, similar to a fruitier Capri Sun that can be found in England.  As well as the name of an ancient Italian river that flowed into the Adriatic and is famous for being crossed by the Roman army.  What other river is famous solely for being crossed?  This obviously had no correlations to the drink we were about to invent and so the  mango and jalapeno-infused rum drink took on a more literal name.  All in all I think we discovered a gem, or at least came very close.  I am not going to disclose the recipe now. One, because it may undergo improvements and two, because some of you reading this may be trying it over the Christmas vacation and we wouldn't want to take all of the mystery out of it would we?

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