Friday, October 16, 2009

A Week of Food

I thought I made some very tasty dinners this week and I have a few more good ones planned so I thought I would share.  Ever since getting married and having much more time, no architecture school, I have been cooking more.  Also, I discovered cookbooks!  I had cookbooks before, but I mainly rifled through the pictures when hungry; rarely did I use their valuable information as a tool.  Following recipes, no matter  how loosely I chose to follow them, is a huge help and it is fun.  The cookbooks I turn to the most are the Joy of Cooking and FOOD Everyday, a Martha Stewart cookbook I received as a bridal shower gift.  I also ask the good cooks in my family.  Sorry I don't have any pictures, I will start taking photos of pretty or especially delicious dishes.

Monday:     Salmon Fillets with a brown sugar mustard glaze
                  Rice Pilaf    -Mom's recipes

Tuesday:     Red beans and Rice (from scratch)   -Joy of Cooking

Wednesday: Went to the Matador for happy hour Margaritas and
                   Calamari, just snacked afterwards

Thursday:     Fried Rice with Baby Bok Choi
                    Chinese Eggplant in the Style of Fish   -Mrs. Chiangs's
                    Szechwan Cookbook

Today:         Scalloped Potatoes    -Joy of Cooking
                   Shredded Beet and Carrot Salad   -FOOD Everyday

Saturday:    Vegetable Bean Stew    -Laura Potter
                   Corn Bread

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  1. Excellent food menu, it looks so delicious and colorful. I'm so glad you made the vegetable bean stew that is definately one of my favorites. I made a wonderful vegitarian squash soup this weekend i will email you the recipe so you can make it for Nick, it was delicious and pretty easy.