Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween Costume

I figured out what I am going to be for Halloween this year and I ordered my costume.  If  you know me, there are two weird things about this sentence are one: I decided on my outfit before October 30th, and two I bought a pre-made costume which I have never done before, not even as a kid.  I am excited, Mr. Johnson and I are going as Jabba the Hut and Princess Leia (equipped with chain tying me to him.)  I know, this may not sound like a loving, caring, equal hands in marriage- type costume but it is FUNNY and it is Star Wars!  The Jabba costume is hilarious, it is inflatable...I guess this is a more comfortable and lighter weight option than the alternative (extreme stuffing.)  The Princess Leia costume looks comfortable, I mean there isn't really much to the costume.  The only drawback is I might freeze to death, but  what the heck.



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