Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Coffee Table

For a wedding gift, my in-laws told us that they would get us a coffee table.  All we have to do is pick out one we like.  I am super excited about getting a coffee table, it will be our first piece of nice new furniture in the living room.  The only problem is Mr. Johnson and I seem to be too particular about the design and quality we want, and are having a hard time finding a coffee table that matches our vision.  What can you say, we have got good taste!  Actually I don't think our expectations are out of the question:

1.  We want a table that will fit with a contemporary living room.  Nothing too crazy, I don't want to live in a James Bond set; just nice quality design!  

2.We are looking for a solid wood table, it does not need to be entirely built of wood but we want the wood portion to last over time.

3.  It would be nice if there are drawers or a shelf for extra storage; a place to hide remotes, magazines, etc. so that the living room keeps a clean aesthetic.

I decided to post the coffee tables we have considered to give myself a better idea of what we want (it is easier to evaluate the options when they are all next to each other) and to encourage your opinions and suggestions.  Some we are no longer considering because they are not of high-quality construction, but I am including all of them to give you a full idea of the styles we are drawn to.  Feel free to suggest other manufacturers or other coffee tables if they seem to match what you see.

So here they are!



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  1. if you number them 1-whatever in the order they are seen here i like #3,4,6,7,8,9 those are all nicely designed yet versital for more contemporary and more classic rooms. who knows you may want to use the coffee table later on in a room which is more classically designed so it's good to be versitile. besids all of those look like good wood pieces which will add a lot of texture and richness to a room.