Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Adventures

As many of you already know, or you may have noticed -maybe by the hardwoods underneath the Christmas tree in the holiday post, Mrs. Johnson is no longer conducting her adventures in bridgetown!  Yes that is right, we have relocated- to Seattle.  So, you may wonder, has this had to do with the huge gap in blogging?  Not really, but I have been awfully busy lately.  Back in September Mr. Johnson and I moved to Seattle so that I could go to grad school.  I am getting my M.S. in Design Computing in Architecture at the University of Washington.  Mr. Johnson left his economic consulting job to start his own business in software development.  It has been fun, a new adventure together.  It is cool that we are both in a position to take risks and get more out of our education and careers.

So school, I guess I  am a Husky now, but what an amazing season to be a Duck!  Too bad Auburn in the last two seconds, but I still think we made the exciting plays of the game.

*This is the wallpaper photo on my awesome new laptop (purchased for school)

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