Monday, January 3, 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful holidays, I know I did.  This year we spent Christmas with my family on Whidbey Island it was calm and fun and so much good food- just what I needed.

Before Christmas we took a trip to Portland- by the way we are no longer in Bridgetown- more about that in an upcoming post.  That was fun, Christmas shopping -downtown Portland is so great and there is always the Rack (where Mr. Johnson and I got sneak peaks at our gifts to come), holiday time with his family, as well as saying hi to a bunch of friends.  After that start to the season, we went to little Bavaria with my family and our good family friends.  Oh Leavenworth.... according to Mr Johnson it is up there in the top cities he has visited only sharing its place with Hong Kong!  It was snowy, beautifully decorated, full of kitschy Christmas shops, and Bavarian beer.

Then it was Christmas.  Christmas eve we went into Seattle to the beautiful and impressive St. Mark's Cathedral for midnight mass.  I always enjoy Christmas eve services and this one was very special because it was so late and very ceremonial.  Christmas morning was full of opening gifts and delicious breakfast followed by a slightly odd but exciting tradition of road bowling with members of the neighborhood.  And of course more food. 

And 2011....
We welcomed in the new years with my brother and his friend in a very fun fashion.  Starting off with this Portuguese dish Clams na Cataplana.  Isn't it pretty?  Both the clams and the copper cataplana dish?

Well I hope you had a great season with family and friends!

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